Post-Forum Tour Program Information

13:30~21:00, 5 September, 2023

The National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is renowned as one of Taiwan's most famous attractions. Inside this remarkable museum, visitors can explore an extensive array of historical relics, comprising a comprehensive and invaluable collection of ancient artifacts that span China's rich and nearly 5,000-year history.

Remains of the 13 Levels

Built in 1933, the building used to be a copper and gold smelter plant called the Shuinandong Smelter that used to process refined ore. Dubbed as “the Thirteen Levels”, the beneficiation and refinery plant looks like an abandoned beautiful palace far away.

Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen, which was rich in gold mines in the early days, has the good name of “Golden Mountain City”. The settlements were prosperous due to the influx of gold miners, but then became quiet after the decline of gold mining. The beauty of the mountains and seas, the retro buildings and unique landscape of sloping fields in Juifen hit the big screen, which makes it one of the fascinating mountain cities to domestic and foreign tourists.